Is the birthday of your special person coming? You must be restless and working out to make it the best of his/her life! So here are the top 10 Birthday Party at Home Decoration Ideas.

Let’s have your back and make you stand out this year! We’ve gathered 10 most working birthday parties’ ideas for you. No matter whose birthday party you are arranging, these ideas always work the best! If you are ready to throw a bigger party, fasten your belt and read the next!

Birthday Party at Home Decoration Ideas

Birthday Party Decoration at home Ideas


Party at home might seem an old fashion but they are never outdated. Young ones prefer to commemorate birthdays at home with nice arrangements. And you can finally make the day memorable for them with these ideas:

  • Always throw them a theme party. Without a theme everything looks randomly arranged and non-directional, deciding a theme is the first wise option certainly. Maybe their favorite movie character, color, cartoon, games, favorite sport, or anything!
  • What about the box birthday party? Boxed decoration, gifts in the box, party food and drinks in the box, and even wishes in the box with the beautiful and unique message for them written on the top.
  • Don’t forget to make a garland of balloons in the circular backdrop stand, it looks lovely in both girls’ and boys’ birthday parties and actually a good location for clicking pictures.
  • Gift them a shirt with the written “My 15th Birthday” (write their age) on it.
  • For the kids, blow many balloons and spread in their bedroom on the floor and tie some with the furniture as well. Fill the room with the balloons without making noise, and it will turn a big surprise for them when they’ll wake up.
  • Ask one of your family members to ring the bell and leave a large gift box outside with the name written of the birthday kid on it and a smiley face. Ask your birthday kid to go and open the door and wait for it!
  • You can also make a newspaper-style poster for your birthday dude with her/his photo at the center and the rest of your thoughts covering all 4 corners of it. Paste the newspaper behind the party table.
  • What about the avalanche balloons’ idea? Blow several balloons of different colors hang them all with the help of some cloth outside the door on the top. They will fall on the birthday kid when the door will open.
  • Make a chart and write 10 reasons why do you love the kid and appreciate them for their attributes.
  • Let the birthday kid be the boss of the day!

So, these are some of the most working birthday party decoration ideas your kids and the adults you are arranging a party for would love!

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